Technical Support for NGOs, Charities and Non-Profits

Ementrix rolls out Digital Marketing and Technical Support Services to Non-profits, NGOs and Charities to assist them in their noble work.

As an NGO or non-profit action group whether you are looking to gather support for a social cause, create awareness or start a fund-raising campaign, Ementrix can assist you in every single phase through its range of digital marketing and technical services.

Areas in which NGOs often require technical support in different ways may include one or more of the below:

  • Online presence creation and propagation
  • Social media presence and online community building
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Gathering support for a cause
  • Promoting events & campaigns
  • Fund raising campaigns
  • Sending newsletters
  • Report writing
  • Proposal writing & submission
  • Assistance for CSR funding application

Technical support services to NGOs includes designing and creating websites, logos, posters, banners, flyers and presentations.

We help organizations with their social media strategy for community building by creating and helping manage social media accounts, facebook pages, writing content, writing reports and much more.

Our services extend into helping organize and digitize content, create, update and manage databases, develop applications, integrate and harness technology innovations and much more. In simple terms, we provide all the required technical support where ever required in your campaigns.

Our technical advisory services to NGOs include Mentoring, Capacity Building through IT Training and IT Infrastructure consulting. Our support services extend into helping NGOs in creating project proposals and applying for awards and grants or funding under CSR programs.

We are here to serve those who are in the service of others. In this direction, you can trust Ementrix, not only to assist your cause through technical service delivery, but also to partner with your organization and participate in your endeavors to help gather the required support.

The Ementrix Blog

We are around in the techno-functional consulting scene since the last decade or so. Ementrix was conceptualized somewhere in the wee hours of one of the cold nights of December 2004 and turned thirteen this year. Absurd as it may sound, we always lived with the belief that you must serve others and service others gigs first before you get down to polishing your own. So, we spent the last 10 years focusing on creating a niche for ourselves in people’s hearts and minds (spelt ‘Industry’ in market terms) through our Website Development and Techno-Functional Consulting services rather than tooting our own trumpet.

We had our ups and downs and lots of learning from the field which we would like to share here along with snippets of other useful information on things such as new and emerging technologies in the technology sphere, case studies, our work experiences and many others. We welcome you to our blog and invite you, our esteemed friends, patrons, partners and visitors to share your thoughts, comments and suggestions with us and use this medium to strengthen our relationship.

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